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Sales & Marketing Diploma

Category: 2021 courses
This dynamic immersive sales module explains selling and sales influence our daily lives from the boardroom high ticket items to high street low ticket items. It also includes how Internet-based tools such as forums, social networks like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, along with Web sites, live ch…

Quality Assurance in Services

Category: 2021 courses

This is a course to improve up to an ISO standard the quality in service industry

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Category: 2021 courses

This is a beginner course on Copyrights, a Subset of the category INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS

Your rights in Nigerian Constitution

Category: 2021 courses

Your rights in the 1999 constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria

with applicable instances to everyday life in Nigeria blogged comments for more information

Basic Computer Training

Basic computer course

This is a short primer course that gives all trainees sufficient knowledge to use computers for basic tasks, their purpose, and basic operations of a computer.

Microsoft Word Training Course

Microsoft Word Training Course This course is for trainees who have taken the basic computer training course. It enables professionals to communicate the excellent value of their products or service. The professionals who will appreciate it the most are: · Entrepreneurs, · Administrators, · Lega…

Business foundation Training

This course is comprised of a series of lessons that prime all trainees to run their own biz successfully from start to finish. It covers all the basic, to ensure good grounding and give good examples for reference.

Basic computer training demo



P2P Programming Project 1

P2P stands for: Practicing to program Practicing to perfection  Practicing to profit This is a a powerful vision born out of a desire to expand the software side of the creative industry in Nigeria and allow over Africa. It starts with programming from scratch a project of producing an ecommer…

French Course with Eseosa

Category: Languages

French course with Eseosa